mixed breed

Zippy 2023-017

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Age: 3 months

Sex: Female

Weight (approx): 10 lbs and growing

Energy: High – I’m a puppy after all!

Children: Yes

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Yes

Living outside, the result of overpopulation, Zippy and the rest of the Z-litter came to hart from another rescue. They have thrived in care and are up to date on DACPP, Bordatella and are spayed/neutered and microchipped. Zippy developed a small seroma (accumulation of fluid at the incision area, a normal reaction to the dissolvable sutures) after her spay, but that has resolved. As Zippy is not yet old enough to receive her Rabies vaccination currently (this vaccination can be administered at 4-6 months of age), that vaccination will become the responsibility of the adoptive parent.

Zippy is a sweet, shy girl. She is a bit timid at first but once she gets comfortable, she is ready to give lots of kisses and cuddle in your lap. Zippy gets excited when she sees people she knows, gets to eat, or play with her friends. Zippy takes a bit to get comfortable in new places and does nervous piddles.  Zippy would do well in a quieter home with people who will respect her space until she gets to know them. Another dog would really help her develop her confidence. She is very very smart and very athletic. She would excel in agility. 

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