mixed breed

Zim 2023-012

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Age:3 months

Sex: Male

Weight (approx): 16 lbs and growing!

Energy: High – I’m a puppy after all!

Children: Yes

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Yes

Living outside, the result of overpopulation, Zim and the rest of the Z-litter came to hart from another rescue. Aside from being a bit thin and having some wormy bellies, these pups were in good overall condition. They have thrived in care and are up to date on DACPP, Bordatella and are spayed/neutered and microchipped. As Zim is not yet old enough to receive his Rabies vaccination currently (this vaccination can be administered at 4-6 months of age), that vaccination will become the responsibility of the adoptive parent.

Zim is an all around great puppy. He is great with children of all ages, people and especially other dogs. Zim is playful and cuddly- the best combination. When meeting new people, Zim can be a bit hesitant to approach but warms up quickly. Sometimes he gets a bit too excited and dribbles some pee.  Zim knows to go to the back door when he needs to use the bathroom but sometimes has an accident at the door if his foster family doesn’t notice him there. He goes in his crate for up to 5 hours but it’s not his favorite place to be.

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