mixed breed

Yogi  2023-010

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Age: 3 months

Sex: Male

Weight (approx): 20 Ibs and growing

Energy: High- Im a puppy

Children: Yes

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Untested, but Yogi is young and would likely do fine with proper introductions.

During the cold spell in mid-December we learned of a litter of puppies living at a dump site. We were ready to bring them in from the cold, but they disappeared. In mid-January they surfaced again and we were so happy to bring Yogi and his littermates into hart’s care. Despite all they had been through, aside from wormy bellies, Yogi and his littermates were in good condition. Yogi is up to date on DACPP, Bordatella and is neutered and microchipped. As he is not yet old enough to receive his Rabies vaccination currently (this vaccination can be administered at 4-6 months of age), that vaccination will become the responsibility of the adoptive parent.

” Hi there, I’m Yogi!  I’m a typical puppy and I will need a lot of patience and training to help me become the best boy.  My foster mom says that I am a funny and vocal little chonk!  I would love to find someone who has lots of time for me, because I really love attention and snuggles.   I love being around my people, so if you could take me for car rides and lots of adventures, I would be soo happy!  I’m ready and waiting to meet you! “

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