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Navy 2024-005

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Est date of birth: October 14, 2023

Sex: Female

Weight (approx): 37 lbs

Energy: High

Children: Untested – but likely okay

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Untested

Hi there! I’m Navy, and I’m here to melt your heart with my irresistible charm! 🐾

Are you ready for a bundle of energy wrapped up in a cute pitty mix? That’s me! I might be small, but my zest for life is larger than life itself. My name might be Navy, but I’m anything but blue – I’m all about bringing joy and excitement into your life!

I’m totally cool with being cuddled and loved on, so get ready for some serious snuggle sessions. My energy level is off the charts, and I love nothing more than burning it off with some good old-fashioned exercise. Yep, that’s right, I’m a treadmill enthusiast! It’s the perfect way for me to get my zoomies out.

I’m a curious soul, easily captivated by the world around me. Birds? Oh, you bet I’ll bark at them! But don’t worry, I settle down after the initial excitement. Meeting new people and exploring new places? Count me in! I’m great with strangers and adaptable to new situations.

Now, when it comes to other furry friends, I’m still figuring things out. I seem to be okay with other dogs, but cats? Well, they’re still a bit of a mystery to me. And as for kids, I haven’t had the chance to hang out with any yet, but I think older ones might be the best fit for me. You see, I’m still learning some manners, and I can get a tad nippy when I’m overly excited.

Potty training? Nailed it! And yes, I’m crate trained, although I might protest a bit with some chirps and cries if I’m not in the mood. But hey, who can blame me for wanting to be where the action is?

Speaking of action, I LOVE fetch! Seriously, throw a ball, and I’ll be your best friend forever. And did I mention I’m a pro at car rides? Although I might need a little help getting in – I’m still working on that part.

Sure, I might have a few quirks like snoring louder than a freight train and being a bit vocal when I’m irritated, but hey, nobody’s perfect, right?

So, if you’re looking for a fun-loving companion who’s always up for an adventure, I’m your girl! Let’s make memories together and fill our days with laughter and love. Come meet me, and let’s see if we’re a match made in puppy heaven! 🐶💕

This little beauty came to hart’s attention during the cold snap in January. She had some old bite marks on the end of her nose and a very wormy belly. As the temperature has warmed up, Navy has been recovering and is ready for adoption. Navy is up to date on DACPP, Bordatella and is spayed and microchipped. Should an adoption be finalized before the Rabies vaccine is administered (this vaccination can be administered at 4-6 months of age) that vaccination will become the responsibility of the adoptive parent.


Navy is a typical high energy pup who is learning the rope.  She is excitable and likes to jump up. She is continuing to work on socialization and basic training. 

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