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Juneau 2023-066

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Est date of birth: December 6, 2020

Sex: Male

Weight (approx): 73 lbs

Energy: Low-Medium

Children: Yes

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Untested

Hey future fam! I’m Juneau, the nicest, goofiest pup on the block, and I’m on the lookout for my forever snuggle squad.

Now, when it comes to physical lovin’, touch me anywhere! I’m a chill dude. Energy-wise, I’m a mixed bag – happy to lounge on a bed or zoom around the yard. Leash walks aren’t my fave, but I’ll stroll beside you with a slack leash.

Excitement level? Off the charts for treats and love! But don’t worry, I’m a laid-back guy who can settle down in a heartbeat. I’m the life of the paw-ty and get along with everyone – kids, strangers, you name it. Sometimes I’m a little too much of a lovebug, accidentally bowling over toddlers with my epic kisses – oops!

Fully house and crate trained, I’m a pro at napping in my crate. I may do a Houdini trick here and there- but I don’t wreck anything when I’m left loose.  Porcupines are my sworn enemies, so let’s keep those prickly pals far away, okay?

Training-wise, I’m acing it. I come when called, sit, go lay down – the whole shebang. We’re working on manners like “wait” and “four on the floor” to avoid accidental bear hugs. Medical stuff? Just a souvenir from a porcupine showdown, no biggie.

I’m the king of car rides, but sometimes I need a little encouragement to hop in. And guess what? I’ve got this adorable habit of walking out of my crate with a stuffie – it’s my thing.

Ideal home? I could rock it with kids, or just be your main dude. As long as there’s chow on the menu, I’m one happy camper. So, if you’re looking for a dopey, lovable sidekick, I’m your guy! Let’s make our own paw-some adventures together! 🐾✨

Juneau came to hart after a painful introduction to a porcupine. While he underwent surgery to remove the hundreds of quills in his face, he has had numerous quills erupt since that time. Adoptive parents for Juneau need to be aware that while he has undergone surgery for the removal of quills, they can continue to migrate and erupt for up to a year. Juneau is up to date on DACPP, Bordatella, Rabies and is neutered and microchipped.


Juneau is a loveable boy with balanced energy.  Since in care, he has limited interaction with other animals.  It is recommended that proper introduction measures are taken.  Juneau is affectionate with kids however he is excitable and may knock younsters over.  Juneau is crate and house trained and knows basic commands. He is working on leash training.  


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