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Hobo 2023-061

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Date of Birth: September 23, 2023

Sex: Female

Weight (approx): I’m growing

Energy: High- I’m a puppy

Children: Yes

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Yes

🐾 Hobo is unique in many ways. She likes to cuddle and have all the attention. She’s been the quickest of the bunch to grow and has went from one of the smaller ones to becoming the biggest.

Hobo has no idea that she is a rescue puppy as her story begins with being born on a sofa in her foster mom’s living room. Hobo is one of Halliwell’s puppies and due to hart, will only know life filled with love and comfort. Hobo has received DACPP, Bordatella and is spayed and microchipped. Should an adoption be finalized before the Rabies vaccine is administered (this vaccination can be administered at 4-6 months of age) that vaccination will become the responsibility of the adoptive parent.


normal puppy behaviors 

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