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Halliway 2023-055

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Est. Date of Birth: August 1, 2022

Sex: Female

Weight (approx): 55 lbs

Energy: Medium-High

Children: Yes

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Yes

Hello there, wonderful humans! My name is Halliway, and I’m so excited to share my story with you.

Let me tell you how grateful I am to be rescued and be in a warm and loving foster home. My journey started on August 30, 2023 when I came into hart’s care. After delivering 7 healthy puppies, I am moving on and looking to start my new life.

I’m a playful girl who just loves making new friends! When new people arrive, I can’t help but get excited and might even bring you a toy to play with. I settle down eventually, especially if you have a treat handy. I’ve met a small dog, and we got along just fine. As for cats, I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting any yet, so that’s still a mystery.

I’ve been around kiddos aged 4, 10, and 12. At first, I wasn’t sure about the littlest one, but once she offered me a treat, we became the best of friends. Kids are cool in my book!

I’m totally house-trained! I’ll patiently wait at the top of the stairs when nature calls and scratch at the door to let you know when I want to come in. As for crates, I’ve never been in one, and I’ve been left loose in the house without causing any trouble.

I’m not a big fan of car rides, but if you lift me in, I’m cool with it. I’m not a flight risk and won’t try to escape, but I do love running to the door to greet people.

I’ve got “sit” down to a T, and I’m so gentle when taking treats from your hand. My leash skills are a work in progress, but I’m getting there. I might have my head down, sniffing away, but a long leash keeps me in check.

I’m a quiet girl – no barking, even when someone’s at the door. I love my toys, especially this rubber peanut that I’ll excitedly bring to you for playtime. If you’re in bed watching TV, I might try to sneak in for some cuddles.

If you’re thinking of bringing me into your family, a fenced yard is a must. I prefer doing my business in the comfort of my own space. Having another dog to play with would be awesome, and I’m cool with kids. Cats are still a mystery to me. Oh, and a long leash for walks would be perfect!

I’m just a loving pup looking for my forever home. If you think we’re a match made in heaven, please fill out an application to adopt me. I can’t wait to meet my new family and share a lifetime of love and joy with them. Thank you for considering me! 🐾❤️

Momma Halliway came to hart from our community of focus evidently pregnant and suffering from mange and a skin infection. Halliway’s foster mom started her skin treatments and got her comfortable in a home environment. Just a few weeks later, she gave birth to 7 healthy puppies. After her pups were old enough to move on, Halliway had her spay so that she never needs to deal with an unwanted litter again. Halliway is up to date on DACPP, Bordatella, Rabies and is spayed and microchipped.


Halliway is adapting well to living in a house.  She is house trained and does her business outside.  She is working on her leash skills and basic training.  She knows how to take treats gently and can sit on command.  Halliway is not crate trained.

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