mixed breed

Geo 2023-053

Est date of birth: June 17, 2023

Sex: Male

Weight (approx): 51 lbs and growing

Energy: High- I’m a puppy after all! 

Children: Yes

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Yes

Hi there, I’m Geo, a big-hearted pup ready to find my forever family!

I’ve been described as a big sucky baby, and I wear that badge proudly. Once I know I’m safe and surrounded by the people I love, I become the sweetest and most loving companion you could ask for. I’m a professional snuggler, especially if it means napping close to you or cuddling up with my furry siblings.

I thrive on playtime with my human and canine pals. A nice daily walk is right up my alley, and I absolutely love being played with throughout the day. Let’s make memories together!

I’m a social guy, getting along famously with other dogs in the house. I might get a bit vocal during playtime, but it’s all in good fun. Strangers are friends I haven’t met yet, and I’ve had some fantastic adventures with new faces, even going on a road trip to Lake Louise. People who approach me patiently get the best version of Geo!

My training is a work in progress, but I’ve got the basics down – sit, stay, wait (sort of), shake, and high five. We’re working on leave it, and I’m a quick learner. I’m on board with the crate, especially for overnight stays. While I might not love being kenneled during the day, I’ll tolerate it for a few hours.

I’m looking for a family that’s willing to continue my training as I grow. I’m becoming quite the incredible pup, and I’ll be an even better companion with your love and guidance. I thrive on interaction, so someone who enjoys spending time with me is a must. Plus, I’d prefer not to be left alone for long stretches and appreciate alot of exercise and enrichment. 

I’m a bit of a chatterbox, making all sorts of sounds like a little dinosaur. It’s just my way of communicating, and I promise it’s all in good fun. Also, I tend to get a bit fearful if there’s a lot of noise around, especially from other dogs barking. With time and some puppy training, I’m sure to overcome this.

If you’re ready for a snuggle buddy, I’m your Geo! Apply to adopt me, and let’s embark on a lifetime of love and adventures together. 🐾💕

– Love, Geo

Geo came from a Canadian Animal Task Force spay and neuter clinic in Saddle Lake. Geo is a typical puppy with no medical issues. Geo is up to date on DACPP, Bordatella, Rabies and is neutered and microchipped.

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