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Frida 2023-043

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Est date of birth: January 21, 2021

Sex: Female

Weight (approx): 58 lbs

Energy: Medium

Children: Yes, but recommend slow introductions

Dogs: yes but requires slow introductions

Cats: untested

Hello, I’m Frida, and I’m eager to share some details about myself in hopes to find my forever home. 

I’ll start out by sharing that I wasn’t always a city girl. The bustling city pace can make me a bit anxious, and I need an owner who understands my need for a slower introduction to city life, providing the time and space for me to acclimate.  I’d thrive in a home with kids of all ages and another playful dog. Slow introductions with adult humans or dogs work wonders for me, and having my foster parent act as a comforting presence helps me warm up when I’m comfortable.  My ideal adoptive home includes calm and gentle parents. 

I enjoy playful moments in the morning and before dinner. At the park, you might catch me having short, zippy zoomies for a few minutes, only to return to my super chill self. Exercise is a must for my happiness—a short walk, a wrestling session, or some off-leash playtime at the park every day keeps me content.

City living involves learning lots of new things.  I am working with my foster family on basic training (sit, recall), house training, and handling. In the future, I may be introduced to a crate. I am also learning that I don’t have to protect my food.  On leash, I don’t pull, but I’m still a bit scared of new things. My foster parent is taking it easy and not pushing me too hard.

If you’re looking for a sweet, loyal companion who can’t help but smile, wiggle, give kisses, and revel in having my face rubbed, I could be just the furry friend you’ve been searching for!

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Momma Frida came to hart from our community of focus with her 6 pups. Frida and her pups were in pretty good shape overall, although Frida as a nursing mom was on underweight and had a thin coat. With some additional nutrition and pups that are now self-sufficient Frida is ready to concentrate on herself! Frida’s vet let us know that she has had aural hematomas previously as there are scars in both of her ears. While in care, Frida developed an ear infection and was treated, but it looks like this is a chronic condition for her. Frida’s adoptive parents will need to pay particular attention to Frida’s ears and apply preventative measures such as fostering good overall ear health, ear hygiene and consistent monitoring. Frida is up to date on DACPP, Bordatella and is spayed and microchipped.

Frida takes some time to warm up and develop trust with new people.  She requires slow introductions to new dogs and barks aggressively before she gets comfortable.  

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