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Join Us for a Tail-Wagging Celebration: Puppy Party and Adoption Preview!

Date: November 26, 2023

Time: 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Location: Watch Our Social Media for Venue Details!

Get ready for a heartwarming encounter with seven adorable pups and their loving foster mom! Harper, Hector, Hugh, Hershel, Hobo, Huxley, and Harlow are the stars of our upcoming adoption event. Born on September 23, 2023, these precious pups have been growing up under the care of their devoted mom and are expected to be ready to move into their forever homes in early to middle of December.

What to Expect:

  • Puppy Preview: Meet these furry cuties and their doting foster mom at our special Puppy Party. Get a sneak peek at their playful personalities and potential companionship.
  • Early Screening: While they’re not quite ready for adoption, this event is a chance for interested families to pre-screen and start building connections with these future fur babies.  You can put in your application today but clicking the Adopt Me tab.
  • Stay Tuned: Keep an eye on our social media channels for additional details on the event venue and any updates about these adorable pups.

Why Join Us: By attending this event, you’re taking the first step in bringing joy and love into your home. These pups are not just looking for families; they’re looking for lifelong friends to share their love and grow with. Your presence could make a world of difference for these little ones.

How You Can Help: Even if adoption isn’t an option right now, your support matters. Spread the word, share our event, or consider volunteering. Every action brings us closer to finding these pups their perfect matches.

Save the Date: Mark your calendar for November 26, 2023, and be a part of this heartwarming experience!

For more information and updates, stay tuned to our social media platforms.

Let’s make tails wag and hearts leap with joy on this special day!

More to come. 

🐾 Hobo is unique in many ways. She likes to cuddle and have all the attention. She’s been the quickest of the bunch to grow and has went from one of the smaller ones to becoming the biggest.

🐾 Hershel just wants to cuddle and show you love. She’s the pup who looks and acts the most like her momma.

🐾 Hugh He’s was always the biggest and toughest until recently. He is quick to talk back and tell you when he wants something. He has the cutest little shuffle and has been referred to as a house hippo more than once.

🐾 Harlow is the gentlest, sneakiest, smallest and fluffiest of the litter. She likes hiding somewhere quiet to sleep but when she’s playing with her siblings you’d never believe she’s almost 2 pounds lighter than her siblings.

🐾 Hector he’s sweet, he was the smallest for a short time but he really likes eating, especially teething sticks and has grown more than most his siblings.

🐾 Huxley is one of the sweetest. She likes to sit by your feet and wait for love. She had sad looking eyes but her tail doesn’t stop wagging. She’s taller than most of her siblings but one of the lighter ones.

🐾 Harper He’s small but thick and tough. He’s sweet and spicy all in one. He can be very vocal when he wants something.

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