mixed breed

Aster 2023-026

Est date of birth: May 17,2022

Sex: Female

Weight (approx): 56 lbs

Energy: Medium

Children: Yes

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Most likely yes

“Hi there! I’m Aster, your soon-to-be best furry friend! You’ll never find a pup more devoted to cuddles and snuggles than me. Seriously, I live for those belly rubs and cozying up with my humans whenever I can. If you’re in the mood for some TLC, just look my way, and I’ll be there, wagging my tail and ready for love.

Oh, did I mention I’m a bit of a spa enthusiast? Yep, I adore getting brushed, having my face washed, and even getting a little spa treatment with a wet cloth. Baths? No problemo! I’m a pro at staying still and enjoying the pampering.

Now, when it comes to finding my forever home, I’m all about the fun and games. I’m cool with other pups, but I’d prefer a playmate who’s chill like me. Oh, and a heads up: I’ve been known to do a bit of sneaky snacking (carrots are my weakness!), so keep those treats out of reach unless you’re willing to share.

As for activities, I’m all about that balanced lifestyle. A nice walk or some off-leash romping in the community rink? Count me in! But I’m not one of those high-energy types—I’m perfectly content with a moderate amount of exercise and lots of quality time with my peeps.  

Go ahead and click on the “Adopt Me” button below so that we can meet and fall in love!  I’m waiting to hear from you!”

Love – Aster

It has been a long road for Aster, but finally she is ready for adoption! Aster came to hart after tussling with a porcupine. She underwent surgery to remove the quills immediately upon intake but as often happens with porcupine quills, she had numerous quills erupt since her surgery. If that wasn’t enough, Aster was examined for mobility issues and it was found that Aster had bad knees, her medial buttresses on both legs were very swollen and caused her to limp. While we initially added added Librela and Cartrophen to Aster’s routine, it wasn’t enough and Aster ended up having sequential bilateral TPLO’s. Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO) is a surgical treatment used to stabilize the stifle joint when the cranial cruciate ligament has ruptured. Usually, this ligament damage is the result of slow degeneration over months or years. The TPLO procedure consists of cutting the top of the tibia (bone below the knee), rotating it and stabilizing it in a new position with a bone plate and screws. TPLOs have proven to have consistent positive outcomes even in large athletic dogs. Aster will continue to lead a full and active life now that she has recovered from her surgeries. Aster is up to date with DACPP, Bordatella, Rabies and is spayed and microchipped.


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