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Zannah 2022-039

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Age: 1.5 Years

Sex: Female

Weight (approx): 68 Ibs

Energy: High

Children: Yes. Zannah LOVES Kids!

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Yes – Zannah is great with small animals and there are also roaming rabbits in the foster home

“Hi! I’m Zannah.  Thanks for clicking on my profile!  Please keep reading, you are about to learn about all that is MEEE! 

I love to keep busy busy busy!!! Are you an active family who likes to go on adventures, and do a lot of activities that I can join in on?  Well, then I think we may just have something here.  This is a great start…. so keep on reading! 

Do you have another young and active doggy friend in the house for me to play with?  I just love to play with other dogs, it’s so much fun!  We can run and play and learn all sorts of things, I just know that it will be so great.  

YOU DO!!?   Ok, this is starting to get serious!! I’m getting really excited! 

What else…. oh, well I think that I would love to grow up in a big household with lots of people that are home a lot more than they are away, especially KIDS!  I love kids so much, they are super fun to play with.  My foster kid taught me this really cool game called “Hide and Seek” and it’s WAY COOL!  I’d love to teach it to my furever kids.   Am I asking for too much?…. Have I gone too far?…Ok fine, this last request is not a “deal breaker” for me, I guess it’s just wishful thinking.  A girl can dream, can’t she?  As long as you can take me out for lots of walkies and give me lots of play time, I would be happy.  I just want to be a part of your life and hope that you will make me a BIG part of yours.  I have so much love and joy to give… I really am a sweet girl with a BIG heart.  

Sooo….. whad’dya think?  Are we a match made in heaven?  If you think maybe yes,  please fill out an application for me.  I’ll have my people call your people!”

Love Zannah


Zannah was born into care and then returned to HART no fault of her own. She has been spayed and microchipped. She has received her vaccines DACPP, bordatella,and rabies. She also received antiparsites. It is believed Zannah may have an allergy to pork, however this is still being investigated. 

Zannah is one very lovable and sweet girl that will need an adopter with a busy active lifestyle to keep her mentally stimulated and happy.   Anyone can tell by the look in her eye that she is a very special girl who deserves a wonderful life!  

She is fully housetrained, crate trained and leash trained. She knows a lot of different commands and is very smart.  She is also a fantastic passenger in the car, so you can bring her wherever you go.   She has amazing recall.  Although not necessary, she would love to be enrolled in an agility or fun course of some kind with her adopter to help with the bonding process and have something fun to do together!  She also loves to play and thrives at the dog park.  She is very social, but can also take cues from other dogs and respect their signals. 

Zannah is a great family dog.  The bigger the family the better!  She would be a great addition to any family or couple with a doggie friend that will play with her and keep up with her activity level. 

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