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Tucker 2021-022

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Age: 11 Years

Sex: Male

Weight (approx): 116 Ibs

Energy: Low

Children: Yes – Teenaged or older

Dogs: No

Cats: Good

Are you looking for a distinguished older gent? Calm, patient, loving? Well, I’m that guy! I may be older but that also means I’m wiser… *wink*. Don’t let my age fool you though, I still have the energy to run a few laps around the yard and play a good game of fetch!  I’m not a fan of other dogs though, when I see them, I bark and growl at them to go away. What does the world need another dog for when it’s got me anyway? While my foster home is working with me on my dislike for other dogs, I don’t want to live with one. Because of my fear of other dogs, I need someone who can commit to my training to help me work through it and learn how to cope. I’m easy going in other aspects though. As mentioned above, I do have a bit of arthritis in my back end, but an injection every six weeks takes care of that for me and I don’t mind you giving it to me. It’s easy peasey. So, what do you think? Are you looking for me?

When Tucker came into hart’s care he presented with some stiffness and soreness in his backend. He was diagnosed by the vet as having some arthritis. He is now being treated with cartrophen injections which is a joint supplement to help with his stiff and sore joints. Long term, it would be best if Tucker continues these injections by his adoptive parents to support his joint comfort. Tucker does not let his arthritis get in his way when he plays and runs laps in his fosters back yard. He is always up for a game of tug of war or fetch! Tucker is up to date with DACPP, Bordatella, Rabies and is neutered and microchipped.

Tucker is a sweet old man, who loves his people. However, he doesn’t like being surprised or startled, due to this he would do best in a home either without children or with teenaged or older children who can respect his space. He is good with cats. Tucker cannot live with another dog as he gets high anxiety around them, he is leash reactive to other dogs though we are working on this with a professional trainer and we have a team helping with his training. When left alone in the home ideally Tucker would have a quiet enclosed room to be in where he cannot see other dogs out the windows. Tucker can be a little worried when his people leave the house, but this is easily manged by giving him a stuffed kong and leaving him in his enclosed room. He has been fine this way in his foster home for up to 6 hours alone and could probably go a bit longer if needed, as long as he has mental and physical stimulation before and after. Due to Tucker’s size, age and arthritis, he is not crate trained. Tucker needs someone who can handle his size, and commit to his training so that he can continue to work through his anxiety towards other dogs. Tucker is a cuddler, loves to give kisses and just wants to hang out. He has a very gentle demeanor and has been referred to as a gentle giant. 

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