mixed breed


Est Date of Birth: November 5, 2020

Sex: Male

Weight (approx): 70 Ibs

Energy: High

Children: Yes

Dogs: Can be selective, just needs proper intros

Cats: Yes

I’m Papaya, a lively dog with a blend of high and medium energy levels. I enjoy daily activities like ball play and an hour-long walk, with extra playtime on weekends.

I appreciate slow introductions when meeting new people and may feel cautious in new situations. However, with fellow dogs, I’m friendly with proper introductions and calm on walks. I coexist well with cats and am curious about other critters like geese, birds, muskrats, and rabbits.

I’ve been around children with no issues, but supervision is necessary. I’m house and crate trained. I can be protective of my territory and am vocal when needed. On a leash, I walk beside my human, but I’m working on leash manners.

I’m intelligent and have mastered commands like sit, stay, down, recall, and shake a paw. I love challenges and learning new tricks.

I thrive on routines and need a home with a fenced yard. Another dog companion is ideal, with proper introductions. I’m best suited for older, active children and a patient family who understands my nervousness in new situations.

In short, I’m Papaya, ready to be your lively companion. If you’re seeking an intelligent and affectionate partner to create wonderful memories, I’m here, eager to meet you! 🐾🌟

Pupaya came to hart from Inuvik in good physical condition. He experienced ongoing diarrhea for quite some time while in care and was placed on a specific food that has alleviated his gi issues. Pupaya is a high energy dog and originally demonstrated anxiety for which he was placed on some medications. With the effort, patience and awesomeness of his foster parents, Pupaya no longer needs the medications. Adoptive parents should know that Pupaya does best currently on Costco Lamb and Rice food. This may change in future so his adoptive parents need to be willing to work with Pupaya on ensuring he is on food that works best for him. Pupaya is up to date on DACPP, Bordatella, Rabies and is neutered and microchipped.

Pupaya is fully house and crate trained.  He does not love his crate, but is very well behaved and non destructive when left free in the house alone. 

He would need a home with a fenced yard. Another dog would be good for him, as he showed significant improvements when his foster home brought in another dog to the home.  A home with older active children would be best for him as he has a lot of energy and might knock a younger one down. An active family would be best, who is patient as he gets nervous in new situations and with new people. He needs to approach potential adopters on his own terms and pace.

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