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Est date of birth: December 8, 2020

Sex: Male

Weight (approx): 77 Ibs

Energy: Medium

Children: Yes – it is recommended Opie interact with older children who can respect Opie’s space

Dogs: Yes- Opie requires slow introductions to new dogs

Cats: He doesn’t currently live with a cat but his staycation home had one, and while he was interested in the cat, he gave it space by keeping his distance

“Hey there I’m Opie!  I am told that I am a big old softie who thinks he’s a lap dog.  I love my people so much, I just want to be as close to you as I can.  I would really like it if you were home more than not, as I would get really lonely being by myself too much.  If I’m the only animal that is ok, but I’m also good with friends!  Kids are also ok for me too, but I am a pretty excited boy, and can knock small humans over, so you have to help me with that.  I would love if you have a nice yard where I could go outside to play and poke and sniff around.   Do you think you could love me? Then what are you waiting for?!  Apply to adopt me today and let’s meet! “

Love Opie

Opie came into care from our focus community as his original owners were no longer able to care of him. When he came into care he had a lump on his leg which after being biopsied came back as only a hematoma which will go away on its own. Since coming into care it has been noted that he is very itchy. His foster home is working with the vet to determine what his sensitivities may be. Potential adoptive parents will need to continue monitoring Opie’s sensitivities and accept that he may require a specialized diet and/or medication into the future. Opie has been neutered, microchipped and is up to date with DACPP, rabies, bordatella and antiparasitics.

Opie is both crate and house trained. He can be nervous in unfamiliar settings.  Because of this, it is recommended that Opie wears his muzzle in unfamiliar situations such as vet visits. He is working on his loose leash walking but can pull hard when he is anxious such as when vehicles are passing. Opie does display leash reactivity around other dogs.  Opie is working with our training partners currently for fear aggression. 

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