mixed breed

Kingston 2015-084

Est date of birth: March 11, 2013

Sex: Male

Weight (approx): 88 Ibs

Energy: Medium-High

Children: No

Dogs: No

Cats: No

Hi there, I’m Kingston, Your Future Furry Friend!

I’m thriving in my current foster home and wanted to give you a glimpse into what kind of companion I am:

I’m currently living with three resident dogs in my foster home. I’m quite sociable, but I can be picky about my doggy friends. We do slow and careful introductions to ensure we all get along.  I absolutely love meeting new people, and I’ll do just about anything for a tasty treat. I’m a bit of a charmer, especially when there are ladies around, whether they have two or four legs. Please note that I wear a muzzle in public due to my strong prey drive.

I enjoy my daily walks, but I’m also content to lounge in the sun or cuddle up on the couch with my humans. I’m quite adaptable to your activity level. While I may not be a toy enthusiast, I’m a big fan of snuggling with my stuffed toys, especially when I’m hanging out in my comfy crate.

I’ve made friends with the resident dogs in my foster home, thanks to our careful introductions. However, I have a keen prey drive when it comes to small dogs and cats, so it’s essential to be cautious.

Meeting new people is one of my favorite things. If you have treats, you’ll quickly become my new best friend!  I’m quite comfortable and adaptable in new situations and environments. While there aren’t any children in my current foster home, I’d probably do best with older kids because I sometimes like to jump up when I’m excited.

I’m house-trained and enjoy hanging out in my crate with the door open. I’m a well-behaved pup when left alone and won’t cause any trouble. I absolutely love car rides and am always up for an adventure with my favorite people.  I’m highly trained and love learning new tricks, especially if it involves treats!

Special Note:I’m pretty food-motivated and can be protective of my food, especially when other dogs are around. You might hear me growl or bark if another dog approaches my crate during mealtime.

Ideal Forever Home: The perfect home for me would be one with a loving family who can provide the attention and care I need. Please be cautious with introductions to other pets due to my selective nature with other dogs and my strong prey drive. If you appreciate my love for treats and snuggles, we’ll be a perfect match.

To Wrap It Up: I’m a loyal and affectionate companion, eager to bring joy and love into your life. If you’re interested in adopting me and giving me the loving home I deserve, please reach out. I can’t wait to be a part of your family and share my love and loyalty with you!


Kingston’s came to hart in 2015 when he was approximately 2 years old and was returned to hart in 2019 as his adoptive parent no longer had the time or home environment that Kingston needed. Kingston came back to hart in excellent overall condition. Kingston is up to date on his standard antiparasitics, vaccinations (DACPP, Bordatella, Rabies), microchip and neuter.

Kingston has come a long way with his behavior issues which include leash reactivity and resource guarding dog and human food, thanks to a great management and training plan that was put in place with the help of professional trainers, and a proactive foster home. Kingston is quite leash reactive and must be muzzled on walks for this reason, as in his frustration to get to another dog, he will redirect on his handler, but he does give very clear body language that will give his handler enough time to distract him, getting him going in a different direction. Once Kingston’s focus is off the other dog, he’s good and wiling to do whatever his handler needs him to do.

He does resource guard food both human and his own: with his food, it is simply, give it to him, he will sit and wait, and once you back up he will eat once you give him his cue. He has learned this in his recent foster home, which is great! Human food- while people eat he must be in his crate, with a kong or something to keep him busy so he doesn’t get bored.

He knows all of his basic cues; sit, down, stay, recall, he answers to his name, he is muzzle trained, crate trained and fully house trained. He knows some tricks too, shake a paw (both paws), spin, jump on cue, while he was in boarding he was also learning agility. Kingston loves to play games, especially games that involve his nose, one of his favorite games is to chase hot dog pieces and sniff them out in a room. He does get very excited when meeting people or seeing people he knows and gets very bouncy. He doesn’t really jump on people and will sit right away, he just likes to jump straight up and down in his excitement. He is a powerful dog, and leash skills are still a work in progress with him, we are using a front clip harness to help him out and help give his handler more control. 

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