h(art) Sale & Pawcasso Sessions

We are having an art sale and we will be booking Pawcasso sessions for dogs to finish a piece of art with their paw prints Saturday May 13th (Mother’s Day Weekend).

As part of the event, we will have an art sale, a bake sale, a merch sale & a mimosa bar!

Pawcasso sessions are by appt. only with limited spaces available, must be pre paid. Booking are done by emailing Jennifer at hart.treasury.jenn@gmail.com

We ask that people consider the following before booking appointments.
– Is your dog cool with having their paws touched by a stranger?
– Is your dog calm or able to calm down quickly in new places around new people ?
– Is my dog able to sit still for a few minutes at a time?
An artist will be doing the paw prints in the middle room of the hart space- 16831 110 Ave Edmonton, AB.
We want to ensure this event is fun for you & your pup and won’t force them to get a paw print if they are stressed out or not cooperating. Sessions are non refundable.